Electroform Info

(as written by my mentor and dear friend at MergingMetals)

Benefits of Copper:

-assists the body with repairing tissues, oxygenates the blood, and eases arthritis

-increases vitality and has anti-aging properties

-clears the body of harmful toxins and aids in healing


Greening of the Skin:

Greening tells you that your skin has become more acidic and has dissolved copper from the jewelry faster than the body can absorb it.  This usually happens when we sweat, become stressed, experience dietary changes or when the body is deficient in copper.  The tinting is harmless and can simply be washed off.


Copper Care:

-copper oxidizes and darkens when in contact with elements in the environment... keep in a cool, dry area

-remove jewelry prior to bathing, swimming, washing hands/ dishes, putting on make up or lotion

-it is easiest to restore copper to its original luster by simply using a polishing cloth